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About our Church

Zion Rd. Independent Baptist Church was founded in August 2004 by Pastor Michael and Gail Mestler. Assistant Pastor Henry and Mary Juma, together with several members of Christ's Independent Baptist Church, formed the first membership of the church.

Our Beliefs

  • Biblical Authority: 2 Timothy 3.16,17
    The Bible is the only and sufficient authority for what to believe and what to practice.
  • Autonomy of the Local Church: 1 Timothy 3.15
    Each local church is sovereign in itself and cannot be controlled by any board, hierarchical system or another church.
  • Priesthood of all believers: Revelation 1.5,6
    Every born-again believer may pray without a human intercessor directly to God through Jesus Christ as High Preist. All believers are also enabled by God to serve Christ through the local church.
  • Two Offices: Philippians 1.1
    The offices of Pastor (also called elder or bishop) and deacon are the only offices in the local church that are defined in the Bible.
  • Individual Soul Responsibility: 1 John 2.27
    Every believer has the right and responsibility to study, interpret, and practice the teachings of the Bible with the recognition that we must one day give account to Jesus Christ as Lord of the church.
  • Saved Church Membership: Acts 2.41,47
    The local church consists of only those who have openly confessed Jesus Christ as Savior and demonstrated a willingness to obey the teachings of the Bible and agree to the doctrine and standards of the local church.
  • Two Ordinances: Acts 2.41,42
    The two ordinances instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ are believer's baptism by immersion and the Lord's Table (Communion).
  • Separation of Church of State: Matthew 22.21
    There should be no organic union of church and state, but the state should protect, not dominate or interfere with the affairs of the church.